A platform built to expand with your needs

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VennU Connect and Consume
VennU+ Pipeline Automation
Vennu++ BI-Directional Communication

Accessing EHR Data

Creating APIs with JSON output

Change Detection

Field-Level Security

Asynchronous Processing

Scheduling / Polling

API Chaining

Data Quality Checks

Notifications / Alerting

Multiple Output Options

Write backs


90-Day Trial

No risk test drive of the platform. Choose one use case to build and deploy APIs. Receive 40 hours of free professional services for coaching or to build APIs.

Payment Terms

Project-Specific Use

On your way to the development or enterprise license. Access to the platform to build and deploy APIs for a single use case. asda asd asd asdad

Payment Terms
Annual License Change
Per project for up to 10 projects


Access to the platform for internal development. Buy connections to horizontal technologies. Not intended for HIT Vendor interoperability.

Payment Terms
Annual License Change
Per project for up to 10 projects

Community Connect

Epic Community Connect Hosts can easily enable members to access their own EHR data.

Payment Terms
Annual License Charge
Based on group. Discounted for 3-year license.

Vendor Connect

Allow your HIT Vendors to connect and consume data for interoperability.

Payment Terms
HIT Vendor Charged Directly

Simplify the use of EHR data when, where, and how it’s needed to improve care.

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