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Our Story

We founded Medcurio to solve the data challenges that we, like many others, experienced daily. Walter “Buzz” Stewart and Christa Bruce first worked together at Geisinger Health System, where they built and tested real-time clinical applications to improve care. Meanwhile, KristenWilson-Jones—affectionately known as KWJ (pronounced Kweej)—was coding and developing products for tech companies and later oversaw data services at Sutter Health.

The three founders’ crossed paths at Sutter Health, where they also met Raj Manohar, Joe Lovato and Ivan Szelengowicz. The team’s goal was to enhance clinical workflows by building integrated applications that enabled care providers with timely visualization of real-time EHR data. But labor-intensive, inflexible data extraction methods constantly frustrated our efforts. Waits for data sometimes stretched to half a year, slowing development to a crawl. Tired of banging our heads against a wall, we founded Medcurio to get rid of the headaches in accessing and using EHR data in real time.

We’ve seen how the burden of accessing and using data stifles healthcare innovation. We created VennU to make it easy—so others can focus on getting the true value from healthcare data.

Walter “Buzz” Stewart, PhD, MPH

CEO and Co-Founder 

Buzz has 20+ years of experience leading healthcare delivery R&D. He has expertise in digital solutions, machine learning, and practice-based rapid learning, as well as a successful track record bringing startup health companies to market.

Prior to co-founding Medcurio, Buzz served as chief research officer and founder of Research, Development and Dissemination at Sutter Health; associate chief research officer and founder of the Center for Health Research at Geisinger Health System; vice president of research and development at PCS Health; and co-founder and president of a clinical trials and survey research company.

A former faculty member and current adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Buzz has published more than 400 academic articles on health and health care.


Kristen “KWJ” Wilson-Jones, MBA

CTO and Co-Founder

KWJ entered the tech field at the ripe age of 17 as a micro computer developer. She now has more than 30 years’ experience in information technology and product development in enterprise-level data, application, and technology integration. She has focused on healthcare for the past 15 years. Technology innovation has been a common theme throughout her career.

KWJ previously served as chief technology officer for Research, Development and Dissemination at Sutter Health. Before that she served as Sutter’s vice president of data and online services, a position she held for more than 11 years.  She has held positions of chief information officer, vice president customer solutions, and product director outside of the health care industry.

Working in the mid-90’s high-tech industry as a s a custom developer,  KWJ got tired of handling laborious data requests, so she built a system that let requestors get what they needed on their own. This configuration-based system became the precursor to Medcurio’s VennU platform.


Christa Bruce, MPH

CAO and Co-Founder

Christa has more than 10 years’ experience working with executives and stakeholders in healthcare systems to design, develop, and deploy information technology.

She previously was the healthcare solutions manager at Sutter Health’s Research, Development and Dissemination and R&D manager at Geisinger Health System. From the Peace Corps to Sutter to Medcurio, Christa’s work has focused on developing programs, infrastructure, and processes that meet end users’ needs and achieve long-term impact.


Raj Manohar, MS, MBA

Director of Engineering

Raj has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering leadership. His background is in the architecture, design, development and management of enterprise-level software solutions.  His has worked in every industry imaginable including banking, aerospace, insurance, retail, transportation, education, and of course, healthcare!

Raj’s technical prowess contributed to multiple product successes including Zip Car to Uber, McGraw-Hill e-Learning platform, Gap just-in-time inventory management.

In healthcare, Raj served as principal architect and development manager for E-HR API development Sutter health, a large Northern California healthcare system.


Joseph Lovato

Director of Solutions

Joe has worked in healthcare information technology for more than 20 years. He specializes in creating solutions to bridge gaps between disparate technologies, resulting in business-friendly outcomes that improve patient care.

Before joining Medcurio, Joe worked as an architect in near real-time data analytics at Kaiser Permanente. He previous served as a solutions consultant and, for 12 years, a technical lead at Oregon Health Sciences University.

Joe’s achievements include developing a device management tool that saves a healthcare organization approximately $5 million per year in resources and time, while improving the delivery of patient care. He also designed and developed a near real-time data hub with exposed APIs.


Ivan Szelengowicz, PhD, MS

Senior Developer

Ivan has more than 10 years of experience in healthcare systems, with an emphasis on Cache InterSystems and database systems. Prior to joining Medcurio, Ivan was as a senior developer at Kaiser Permanente and an EHR consultant.

He has developed Interconnect-based web services to support multiple clinical applications, as well as multiple tools to assist Kaiser Permanente’s national implementation of their electronic referral and claims system —facilitating import, validation and monitoring of data integrity and build health. Ivan also developed a parallel claim processing system to limit excessive creation of pended claims, eliminating the need for more than 100 full-time equivalent positions.

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Medcurio is backed by Health2047, a Silicon Valley innovation firm founded by the American Medical Association.

Read more about how the relationship between Medcurio and Health2047 Inc. is helping organizations get the most from their health care data.

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