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Easy access to real-time healthcare data

Get the healthcare data you need exactly when you need it.

Everyone in healthcare should be able to harness the power of real-time data.

The potential is limitless: Real-time data access promises to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and lower costs. But legacy systems and cumbersome extraction methods have made data practically impossible to retrieve and use effectively—until now.

We founded Medcurio to help you turn healthcare data into real-world solutions quickly, easily and efficiently. Because we want to empower you to unlock data’s potential.

Real-time data

Get real-time access to the data currently locked in your EHR and other legacy systems, so you can use it when and how you need it.

Codeless APIs

Retrieve all the data you need without writing a line of code, saving development time and cost.

Solve problems faster

Flexible, scalable technologies shorten the development cycle so you can focus on what really matters, from improving your process to unleashing innovation.

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Our mission is to make it easy to use healthcare data purposefully, in real time, when, where and how you need it.