Real-Time Use of Data Will Explode When APIs Are Easy to Use

We are getting closer to realizing the value of real-time data given the billions of dollars invested in digital health, the accelerating volume, diversity, and richness of medical data, the focus on patient experience, and the increasing importance of using APIs.

But those working in health systems remind me that retrospective data are still what they use most of the time. Not because it is the most effective use of data, but because it is the least difficult to access. They know real-time data can accelerate advances in work efficiency, enable providers to use best practices and predictions in everyday care, and allow patients to have more control and a better experience.

It just takes too much time and too many resources to make real-time work. This is the reality of healthcare - whether for apps, dashboards, or anywhere real-time data are needed.

To close the gap between reality and the growing excitement about the power of using real-time data, healthcare needs a scalable and secure method for building customized APIs for EHR and other healthcare data that:

  • Can easily orchestrate data flows from multiple sources and connect seamlessly with existing FHIR, EHR vendor or HL7 integrations
  • Can be easily modified as new data become available
  • Can alert you when data change
  • Can be used by those who best understand the data, no longer relying on difficult-to-find technical talent
  • Is easy to maintain

This is where Medcurio comes in!  We invented our no-code API technology to accelerate access and automation of real-time data so that others can deliver on the value that data can bring. Learn more about our  90-day free trial or contact us at