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Pick and click for real-time EHR data with substantially less time & effort.

Flexible and fast

Configure solutions without a line of code to get precisely what you need in HOURS and to make changes FAST.

No need for programmers, waiting in line, or being told “not possible.”


One platform, one endpoint to easily adapt, update, and maintain data access.

No need for endless hours on limited, difficult, inflexible and costly methods.

High performance

Manage security and performance with field-level control, process controls and proactive change detection/notification.

No need to rely on vendors to manage performance, it’s all in your control.


No-code API platform to rapidly get any EHR data you want

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In a fraction of today’s time

  • Analysts create no-code APIs
  • Build and deploy in hours
  • Modify APIs in minutes
  • No combing through release notes to stay ahead of data changes
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At a fraction of today’s cost

  • No need for scarce programmers or data storage
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No need for EHR vendor support
  • No transaction fees
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Select population

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Select data fields

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Test & deploy APIs


ONE Power Automate Connector that works for ANY VennU API

  • One endpoint to call APIs, One connector to consume APIs
  • Rapidly connect VennU APIs to Power solutions
  • Modify EHR data requirements as fast as you modify your Power solution
Graphic of how VennU works
Graphic of how VennU works


Tools to manage data access at scale

Graphic showing the capabilities of VennU - Change, security, and performance

Controls for securely managing your data access

Data security

Field-level data security model

Managed by the healthcare system to align with their organization requirements.


Eliminate adverse impacts

Managed by the healthcare system to align with their organization requirements.

Data privacy

Access, don’t store, data

ZERO data persistence, end-to-end encryption, and configurable auditing.

Scalable Support

Precision change management

Proactive change detection and notification, automated path to prod utilities.


Multiple options

Install on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, and connect with JBDC or ECP.

Proprietary IP

Proprietary IP

All technology developed solely in house using publicly available information and independently developed IP.

One endpoint, many uses

Graphic showing the many uses for VennU

Endless ways to put your data to work

Graphic showing the many uses of VennU

Endless ways to put your data to work

Simplify the use of EHR data when, where, and how it’s needed to improve care.

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