Powering Dashboards with Real-Time Data

Interactive visual displays like safety dashboards, ED tracking, and shift change boards automate and simplify clinical staff work, supporting quality patient care and reducing the cognitive load on busy caregivers. Developing and maintaining these applications in production environments, even as recently as five years ago, was a herculean challenge. Interoperability struggles, data access and management issues, and heavy cost and resource burdens put interactive visual displays out of reach for all but the most advanced health systems.

Things have changed.

Graphic of how VennU works

Advanced business products like Microsoft’s Power Platform have transformed application design and deployment. Development costs and timelines have shortened thanks to built-in low-code visualization and intelligence tools. These advances, though, aren’t enough. What’s still missing is a reliable, scalable, low-cost means of fueling an app with the right EHR data at the right time.

VennU Access enables authorized users to get any EHR data in real time in just hours using codeless APIs, and to modify as needed without disruption. For Microsoft Power Users, VennU Power Connector complements VennU Access, automatically creating the Power Automate workflow to wire incoming data from APIs to any application. What used to take months now takes days.

With modern tools everyone is liberated from the notion of having to get it right the first time. Developers can collaborate in real time to meet the needs of patients and clinical staff workers with trustworthy, durable applications that consistently offload work.

Medcurio’s mission is to make EHR data accessible when, where, and how you need it.