Experience VennU in action

We believe easy access to data is hugely powerful: It can unlock opportunities to control healthcare costs, improve interactions between patients and clinicians, deliver higher-quality care and produce better health outcomes.

But the traditional ways to access healthcare data are anything but easy. Getting and using healthcare data are so cumbersome and expensive that it can be hard even to imagine having real-time data on demand, much less what you could accomplish with it.

So we’ll show you. With our 90-Day Pilot Offer, you can use VennU to address a real challenge in your organization at no charge.

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How it works

You use VennU’s Connect and Consume features free for 90 days to solve a use case of your choice.

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What Medcurio provides
  • On-premises installation of VennU
  • Up to 40 hours of dedicated support to build the APIs your project needs
  • A dedicated point of contact
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What Medcurio needs from you
  • A pilot use case that requires real-time electronic health record (EHR) data
  • Servers and connectivity for installing and running VennU
  • A dedicated point of contact
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What you get after 90 days
  • A solution to your use case
  • Hands-on experience with VennU
  • An upgrade path with no further installation required

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