Smart use of data is the key to improving healthcare quality while lowering costs. But too often data are locked away. Retrieving them takes enormous time, money and effort—and by the time you get the data, it's too late.

We built VennU to get real-time data into the hands of the analysts who need it, when they need it.

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Fast and Easy

No more waiting in line for coders and developers. You’ll move from development to production with a single click.

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Configure data any way you want. You can reuse APIs across instances, making it easier than ever to modify, maintain, innovate and scale your solutions.

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VennU employs data encryption and other security best practices. And in our security model, data owners determine who has access to their data .

How customers are using VennU

Using real-time AI to recommend coding upon patient discharge.

Delivering real-time dashboard analytics to track financial, clinical, quality and performance information.

Offering real-time operational analytics for managing emergency department capacity and staffing.

Synchronizing electronic health records with master data management platforms.

Integrating patients' preferred contact method and other EHR data with customer relationship management software to make patient representatives more efficient and enable data access for a nurse call center.

Powerful Features

Data Security icon
Data Security

Field-level data security model
Managed by the healthcare system

Data Privacy icon
Data Privacy

Access data rather than storing it
Zero data persistence, end-to-end encryption, configurable  auditing

System Performance icon
System Performance

Eliminate adverse impacts
Configurable throttling and asynchronous processing, plus process monitoring and management

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Support multiple environments
Install entirely on-premises, cloud, or hybrid

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Scalable Maintenance

Change detection
Proactive schema change detection and data quality rules

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Full Medcurio support
Standard, extended or 24/7/365 support models with service-level agreements

A platform built to expand with your needs

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VennU Connect and Consume
VennU+ Pipeline Automation
Vennu++ BI-Directional Communication

Accessing EHR Data

Creating APIs with JSON output

Change Detection

Field-Level Security

Asynchronous Processing

Scheduling / Polling

API Chaining

Data Quality Checks

Notifications / Alerting

Multiple Output Options

Write backs


90-Day Trial

No risk test drive of the platform. Choose one use case to build and deploy APIs. Receive 40 hours of free professional services for coaching or to build APIs.

Payment Terms

Project-Specific Use

On your way to the development or enterprise license. Access to the platform to build and deploy APIs for a single use case. asda asd asd asdad

Payment Terms
Annual License Change
Per project for up to 10 projects


Access to the platform for internal development. Buy connections to horizontal technologies. Not intended for HIT Vendor interoperability.

Payment Terms
Annual License Change
Per project for up to 10 projects

Community Connect

Epic Community Connect Hosts can easily enable members to access their own EHR data.

Payment Terms
Annual License Charge
Based on group. Discounted for 3-year license.

Vendor Connect

Allow your HIT Vendors to connect and consume data for interoperability.

Payment Terms
HIT Vendor Charged Directly

A platform built to expand with your needs

VennU connects you to the data you need. Additional features can help you get more out of the data.

Connect and Consume Data*
Checkbox Access EHR
Access to EHR data
Checkbox Create APIs
Create APIs with JSON output
Checkbox detect changes
Automatically detect changes to data structures
Checkbox field-level security
Field-level security
Checkbox asynchronous processing
Synchronous and asynchronous processing
Checkbox Data writebacks
SQL connector
Pipeline Automation (coming soon)
Checkbox Scheduling/Polling
Checkbox API chaining
API chaining
Checkbox Data quality
Data quality checks
Checkbox Built-in notifications
Built-in notifications and alerts
Checkbox Multiple output
Multiple output options
Checkbox Data writebacks
Data writebacks
Checkbox Data writebacks
*All VennU Connect and Consume features are included in your free 90-day trial.
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90-day trial

Our mission is to make it easy to use healthcare data purposefully, in real time, when, where and how you need it.